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Monday, July 17, 2017

A Jamboree Welcome from
Chief Medical Officer John Lea
Monday's Weather

+ Partly cloudy, high around 85, light winds.

+ A 20 percent chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm. 

+ Low Monday night about 65.

+ Tuesday looks much the same, according to Weather Underground.

Welcome to the 2017 Jamboree Medical Staff!  We are excited to have you on our team of more than 530 doctors, nurses, EMTs and support staff.
The Jamboree expects to host more than 26,000 Scouts and their leaders. There are another 5,000 volunteers on the Jamboree staff providing the services a small city would require. We have arrived at this point because of dedicated planning and organization by many people from across the U.S. 
We are positioned to build a community capable of delivering top-quality medical care to all staff and participants. You are part of that community.
Many of you have left families at home, taken time off from work (frequently with a loss of income) and made many other sacrifices to serve at the Jamboree. Thank you for your dedication to Scouting and to the Jamboree Medical Staff.

​You are a member of one of the largest and hardest-working teams at the Jamboree and one that delivers a great reward. You will be called upon to give leadership and service and to maintain the spirit of excellence that Jamboree Medical Services requires.
We look forward to working with you. Thanks again for your help. Together we can make the 2017 Jamboree memorable, successful and safe! Please call me as needed. I will work to be available to you.
Yours in Scouting,
John Lea, IV, MD
Chief Medical Officer
2017 National Jamboree

Important Events for Monday

  • EMHR Training at Medical HQ (Sub-camp D1)
    • Charlie at 0800
    • AB Medical at 1030
    • Foxtrot at 1300
    • Summit Center/Adventure Valley at 1600
    • Thrasher Mountain at 2100
  • Medical Admin meeting at 1900
  • Going live: Jamboree Health Center
  • Staff photos (times vary)
  • Monitor training

A New Daily Publication

You’re reading the first issue of a new publication, Jamboree Medical News. The goal is to connect members of the medical staff since we are spread throughout the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Tom Adkinson from Nashville is the editor. Contact him with story ideas or photos (tom.adkinson@gmail.com and 615-430-6947).
A Message from the CNO

By Renee Greer

Welcome to the 2017 National Jamboree nursing staff. I am the Jamboree Chief Nursing Officer (aka Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Nursing) and am delighted you joined this fabulous team. I particularly welcome first-time staff volunteers to this exciting event. Many of you are returning staffers, and I thank you for supporting Scouting once again.

Our nursing group is more diversely staffed than ever, this year including military medics at base camp and program areas in a greatly expanded role. They come with all levels of experience, many straight from combat zones. I encourage the whole medical team to talk with our military medics about the trauma care lessons learned in Iraq, Afghanistan and other remote areas.

Our military personnel can do everything to save life, limb or eyesight, as well as help us handle the more mundane situations we see daily. Two limitations:  they cannot dispense medications, and they are not allowed to start IVs (unless to save life, limb, or eyesight). There will also be military ambulance drivers and attendants for the FLA’s (Field Litter Ambulances).

In an exciting joint venture with the West Virginia University School of Nursing, undergraduate and graduate nursing students are on our team for a clinical rotation, providing nursing care and charting.  Each nursing student will be assigned a nurse preceptor. We also have some physicians-in-training for a wilderness medicine rotation. Please welcome our nursing students to the real world, as well as to the exciting world of Scouting.

I am delighted to work with our military colleagues and the future of our profession! I am a military nurse, now retired, so this new partnership is near and dear to me. I have also been a professional educator, so the opportunity to precept graduate and undergraduate nursing students here is simply amazing. 

One more fun fact: I work for the Department of Defense Trauma Registry and am all about Performance Improvement through the use of data.  Quality data truly can make a difference in the care of the future.  What does that mean to you?  It means all of us need to record every patient encounter in the Electronic Treatment Record (ETR). 

I also urge you to visit the display about the lifesaving “Stop the Bleed” campaign. It is near the AT&T Stadium. Why is that campaign successful, you ask? Data, pure and simple!
Dining Alternative:
Chat 'n Chew steaks and more
Want a change of pace from eating at the dining hall? The alternative is the Chat ‘n Chew, a pay-as-you-go Jamboree restaurant just north of the dining hall and operated by Robbie Hill and a crew of fellow South Carolinians. Hill has been to 19 world or national Jamborees.
It functions like a coffee shop in the morning (coffee, pastries, breakfast foods) and a snack bar at midday (burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, hoagies, fries, soft-serve ice cream).
There’s a special dinner each day (prices vary), and reservations are required 24 hours ahead. (There’s no Chat ‘n Chew dinner on Tuesday because of a staff show at the arena.) Stop by the Chat ‘n Chew on Tuesday for Wednesday reservations, when the menu will be a Lowcountry boil ($15) or a filet ($20).
Basecamp Delta, Home of Jamboree Medical Services

Medical Headquarters, located in Delta Sub-camp D1, includes medical administration, pharmacy, medical IT and medical logistics. Sub-camp D1 also is the location of the Jamboree Health Center and Specialty Clinics.
What's the Footprint of Jamboree Medical Services?
The facilities and staff of Jamboree Medical Services are spread across the expanse of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, and few team members will see every location, much less meet every team member.
There are five basecamp medical facilities (Alpha/Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot), an orthopedic clinic, a facility at the AT&T Stadium and staffed facilities in three program areas during program hours (Summit Center/Adventure Valley, Thrasher Mountain and Garden Grand Mountain).
In addition, the Jamboree Health Center serves as our field hospital and our specialty clinics. There also are 17 first aid stations. As you might imagine, a special group with Jamboree Medical Services helps with transportation between these many locations.
Where's My Package?
If you want cookies from home, the address here is Your Name, Troop 9010, 2017 National Jamboree, 92 SBR 2, Mount Hope, WV 25888.