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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Medical Explorers Cross Country for Jamboree
The Mercy Flight Explorers you’ve seen at the Jamboree Health Center and the Base Camp Delta Medical Facility are carrying on a grand tradition. This is the fifth Jamboree that Explorer Post 131 in Medford, Ore., has volunteered for Jamboree Medical Services.
Post Advisor Ed Sutton, an EMT, reports that 15 of the post’s approximately 40 members are at the Jamboree. Sutton and two other adults also are in the contingent. Sutton said the Explorers who came competed for slots.
Some of the 15 already are Oregon-licensed EMTs and are functioning in that role, while others are assisting in administrative and other roles.
Back in Oregon, the Explorers do community service by staffing events, festivals and Scout camps. Last year, they provided 5,200 hours of service at 60 events.
Top 10 Diagnoses
Documented to Date

There were 813 patient encounters on Monday, July 24.

Jamboree Medical Services has treated 4,893 patients since staff began arriving. Here are the Top 10 diagnoses for Monday.
1, Abrasions, blisters, cuts
2. Acute pharyngitis
3. Rash
4. Dehydration
5. Headache
6. Ingrown toenail 
7. Insect bite
8. Nosebleed
9. Nausea
10. Burns
“They recognize the nature of an event the size of the Jamboree, and the special benefit for them is being exposed to a very large volume of patients. This is real life on a large scale, Sutton said.
Jasmine Serabia, who has been in the post for five years, said she has been impressed with the number of medical professionals she has met and worked beside.
“I’m meeting lots of different people – doctors, nurses, flight medics, firefighter paramedics, Army medics and more—and I’m learning from all of them,” said Serabia, who is a firefighter EMT in Medford.
When the Jamboree ends, the Mercy Flight crew heads for Washington, D.C., but not for the expected round of sightseeing. While they are likely to see some of Washington’s attractions, they actually are going there for more work experience – they will spend five days at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s trauma center and emergency room and riding along on D.C. fire and ambulance calls.
“Boy Scouts go to summer camp. Mercy Flight Explorers go to hospitals and Jamborees to work,” Sutton said.
Sutton’s son, Tim, was the instigator for starting Post 131 in 1995. He died in 2000, and a memorial scholarship in his name has paid for EMT education for more than a hundred Explorers. Mercy Flights is a non-profit organization that provides air and ground ambulance service in southern Oregon and northern California.
Patient Encounters by Facility
A/B Medical                                      198
D Medical                                          104
E Medical                                           102
F Medical                                             84
C Medical                                            78
      (includes 8 at Sick Call sites)
Jamboree Health Center                   68
Action Point                                        54
Garden Ground Mountain                42
Summit Health Lodge                       36
Stadium Medical                                27
Thrasher Mountain                           23
Specialty clinics                                  12 

​There were 813 patient encounters on Monday.
Spinning Chicken at the Dining Hall
Entrée: Rotisserie chicken, corn, baked beans

Pasta bar: Cheese rigatoni with sausage and stuffed shells with meatballs

Express: Meatball subs and fried chicken sandwich

Vegetarian: Margherita flatbread

Signature salad: Chipolte chicken chopped salad
At the Chat-n-Chew   
If you want dinner at the Chat-n-Chew tomorrow (Wednesday, July 26), make your reservation at the restaurant today. Wednesday’s main dishes: Pork barbecue ($12) and ribeye ($20). Dinner includes salad, sides, dessert and beverage.
Sandwiches, burgers, salads, beverages and soft-serve ice cream are available through the day and evening on Saturday.
Explorer Post Advisor Ed Sutton and Explorer Jasmine Serabia
'Stop the Bleed' Is the Message from Jamboree Doctor
Jamboree Medical Services has an extra – and lifesaving – assignment. We have an educational exhibit called “Stop the Bleed” that lets us educate the Scouting community so the message can continue to spread.
The exhibit is the in Summit Center behind the arena and will operate during regular exhibit hours to explain lifesaving techniques and up-to-date hemorrhage control skills. It was developed in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, the American College of Surgeons and other agencies.
Dr. Stan Chartoff, our assistant chief medical officer, is coordinating the staffing schedule. He needs volunteers for four-hour shifts and can accommodate whatever times you can contribute. Contact him at sechartoff@aol.com.
Details about “Stop the Bleed” are on the Department of Homeland Security website: https://www.dhs.gov/stopthebleed.
Movies at the OA D-Stress Zone

Bored? That’s unlikely, but you still might want some entertainment. There are movies tonight and tomorrow night (Tuesday and Wednesday) at the OA D-Stress Zone. This’s the trio of white tents on the trail between the Dining Hall and Base Camp Delta.
Jambo Photo
​of the Day
Dr. Stan Chartoff shows off the "Stop the Bleed" patch.

An OA balloon shines in front of a gold and crimson West Virginia sunset as seen from the Stadium. Photo by Dr. Chris Grove from Ormond Beach, Fla.
Scout Tony Impagliazzo from Troop 208 in Huntington Valley, Penn., follows wound packing instructions from Palmer Denny of the Department of Homeland Security.
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Groundbreaking Enthusiasm
Jeanne and Ed Arnold, major Boy Scout supporters and benefactors, demonstrate great groundbreaking spirit to launch a Wilderness Health Center named for them. The facility will be near the Jamboree Health Center.