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Monday, July 24, 2017

Today's Weather

+ High of 84 and cloudy much of the day

+ Slight chance of morning rain

+ Overnight low of 64

+ Tuesday will be cooler and dry (high of 77), according to Weather Underground.

Today's Watchword: Semper Gumby
Don’t expect the day the President of the United States shows up to be a normal day. Don’t even expect everything to go as planned. This is a day for patience, professionalism and flexibility. The opportunity to see a sitting President is something our young Scouts will remember forever, and Jamboree Medical Services is important to the day’s success. Semper Gumby.

Top 10 Diagnoses
Documented to Date

Jamboree Medical Services has treated 4,643 patients since staff began arriving. Here are the Top 10 diagnoses for Sunday, July 23.
1, Abrasions, blisters, cuts
2. Dehydration
3. Rash
4. Headache
5. Acute pharyngitis
6. Nausea
7. Insect bite
8. Knee pain
9. Dizziness
10. Sunburn
Notes for the Day of a Presidential Visit

  • Program areas will begin closing at 10 a.m. in the Summit Center.
  • All program areas will be closed by 2 p.m.
  • Prohibited items in the Stadium include backpacks and hydration packs, glass, thermal or glass beverage containers; walking sticks; camp chairs; pocketknives; apples, oranges or any other projectile fruit (unless cut up).
  • Attendees can carry rain gear.

Jamboree Reunions Delight Medical Volunteers
There magic in Boy Scout Jamborees. Jamborees create friendships and bonds that remain in place, even when the Scouts and volunteers don’t cross paths for decades. There are three examples from Jamboree 2017.
Patient Encounters by Facility
A/B Medical                                      208
E Medical                                          118
D Medical                                         107
F Medical                                          103
C Medical                                            99
      (includes 14 at Sick Call sites)
Stadium Medical                                72
Jamboree Health Center                   51
Summit Health Lodge                       36
Specialty Clinics                                 14

​There were 864 patient encounters on Sunday.
Chicken Three Ways at Dining Hall

Entrée: Rotisserie chicken, corn, baked beans

Pasta bar: Cheese rigatoni with sausage and stuffed shells with meatballs

Express: Meatball subs and fried chicken sandwich

Vegetarian: Margherita flatbread

Signature salad: Chipolte chicken chopped salad
Note: Service begins at 1800 after Stadium show
Dr. Michael Ball and Dr. David Kirlin
  ​​​ Not Seen Since Commencement in 1983

Dr. Michael Ball and Dr. David Kirlin hadn’t seen each other since medical school commencement in 1983 until Dr. David Rainey found them both on an internet search as he sought podiatrists for the Jamboree. “Eagle Scout” was the common search factor.
Ball and Kirlin accepted Rainey’s recruitment offer independently and recognized each other’s names from the staff list. They corresponded before finally shaking hands upon arrival at the Echo Medical Facility.
This is the first Jamboree for both Ball and Kirlin. They attended the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. Ball practices in Boca Raton, Fla., and Kirlin practices in Gastonia, N.C.

At the Chat-n-Chew   
If you want dinner at the Chat-n-Chew tomorrow (Tuesday, July 25), make your reservation at the restaurant today. Tuesday’s main dishes: Pork barbecue ($12) and ribeye ($20). Dinner includes salad, sides, dessert and beverage.
Sandwiches, burgers, salads, beverages and soft-serve ice cream are available through the day and evening on Saturday.
Movies at the OA D-Stress Zone

The OA is showing movies at its D-Stress Zone Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Titles are decided each day by the OA, and screenings begin about 6 p.m. All Jamboree staff members are invited. The D-Stress Zone is the trio of white tents on the trail between the Dining Hall and Base Camp Delta.
Earn a Photo Credit with a Jambo Photo of the Day

Jamboree Medical News is wants your cool Jambo photos to feature as a Jambo Photo of the Day. If you have one to propose, email it to Jamboree Medical News editor Tom Adkinson (tom.adkinson@gmail.com).

Include your name, volunteer job and hometown. Topics range from nature to Jamboree scenes to your fellow Medical Service volunteers at work or play.

Patty Trickey, Lois Love and Naomi Thompson
A Happy Trio of Nurses

It’s like old home week when Lois Love, Patty Trickey and Naomi Thompson, all RNs, get together at a National Jamboree. This is their third time to volunteer together. It’s a family affair, too, because Trickey is Thompson’s mother.
Love, from Big Flats, N.Y., is on her eighth Jamboree, and Trickey, from Canandaigua, N.Y., is on her fifth. This is the third Jamboree for Thompson, the junior member of the trio. She is from Ortonville, Mich.

  David Krall and Richard Christ        
24 Years Apart
David Krall, who volunteers at the Jamboree Health Center, was an assistant scoutmaster from the Hawk Mountain Council (Reading, Penn.) at the 1993 Jamboree at Fort A.P. Hill, and one of his Scouts was Richard Christ.
Neither went to another Jamboree, and they didn’t remain in touch after the 1993 Jamboree. However, both volunteered for this year’s Jamboree. Christ was on duty at the Base Camp Echo HQ when he spied Krall and in essence said, “Hey, we know each other.” Christ now is the Scout Executive of the Baden Powell Council in Binghamton, N.Y.    

Stop Scratching That Itch!
Contact dermatitis has been one of the Top 10 diagnoses (No. 3 on the list yesterday) since Scouts arrived, and Barb Fosdick, an RN at the Jamboree Health Center, reports that the cause is a spray that was used to combat bugs and ticks. Contact with grass can cause the rash.
Experimentation at the JHC shows that Zanfel is an effective treatment that neutralizes the pesticide’s aftereffect. It is better than hydrocortisone, Fosdick said. Each Jamboree participant received a packet of Zanfel upon arrival. It can be applied as a lotion or used as a wash.
Fosdick, volunteering for her eighth national or world jamboree, said heat rash will be the next large-scale complaint to emerge. Gold Bond powder is the treatment, along with showering and complete drying.

Barb Fostick, RN

Jambo Photo of the Day
As the glow of sunset fades over the West Virginia Mountains, the glow of tents in Base Camp Delta pop on.