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Friday, July 21, 2017

Today's Weather

+ High of 87 and overcast

+ Slight chance of rain (0.25 inches possible)

+ Overnight low of 69

+ Saturday looks much the same, according to Weather Underground.

WVU Nursing Students Add New Dimension to Jamboree
Important Events for Today

  • Staff breakfast from 0500-0900
  • ​Base Camp Delta Bash at 1900

Top 10 Diagnoses
Documented to Date

Jamboree Medical Services has treated 1,584 patients since staff began arriving. Here are the Top 10 diagnoses to date. In future newsletters, we will post the previous day’s Top 10.
1. Abrasions
2. Dehydration
3. Nausea
4. Headache
5. Ingrown nail
6. Rash
7. Insect bite
8. Pharyngitis
9. Diarrhea
10. Bee sting

  Raven Kennedy, Wendy Laberge, Rachel Brown
Five nursing students from West Virginia University are a new part of the Jamboree Medical Services, according to Chief Nursing Officer Renee Greer.
They are in their senior year of a B.S.N. curriculum and are accomplishing part of their community health rotation at the Jamboree. Wendy Laberge, R.N., B.S.N., from Napa, Calif., is the students’ preceptor, and Greer is the backup in that role. Laberge and Greer will be the students’ evaluators at the end of the rotation.
“The students are learning about many kinds of nursing, and they have chances to be involved in events they might not encounter in other training. For instance, they participated in a mass casualty drill, and they helped with a precautionary quarantine,” Greer noted.
Student Rachel Brown is from nearby Summersville, W.Va., and said she had no idea how big the Summit is.
“This is a huge facility to staff, and I’m highly impressed. I’ve been taking vitals, taking histories, giving medicine under supervision and anything that’s needed that. It’s fast-paced around here,” Brown said of her worksite at the Base Camp Delta Medical Facility.
Laberge said she is highly impressed with the students, noting that they jumped right in and are eager to work and learn.
“They have very good critical thinking skills. This rotation is real life for them. It’s completely relevant for their futures,” she said.
The other three students at the Jamboree now are Tia Querrey, Michelle Kidwiler and Zachary Tilley, all from West Virginia. Two more will be here for the second week of the Jamboree.

(Editor's note: The partnership with West Virginia University is one of several important partnership within Jamboree Medical Services. Look for coverage of others as the Jamboree continues.)
Patient Encounters by Facility
A/B Medical                            150
E Medical                                115
D Medical                                 88
Thrasher Mountain                73
C Medical                                 72
Jamboree Health Center       59
Summit Health Lodge            49
F Medical                                  45
Stadium Medical                     31
Action Point Medical              29
At the Chat-n-Chew   
Sandwiches, burgers, salads, beverages and soft-serve ice cream are available through the day and evening on Friday.

There’s no need to make Saturday reservations for the special dinners. None will be served because of the arena show that night.
Important Pharmacy Changes
1. The correct phone number for the Pharmacy is 210-315-4630. (It is wrong in some directories.)
2. Pharmacy phone hours are from 0830 – 1630. At other times, use the OneCall number, which is 304-719-5645.
3. Know that the Trading Post has a limited number of over-the-counter products. The complete list is below, and the Trading Post cannot get other products.
Claritin                                                Advil
Gold Bond Powder                           Pepto-Bismol
Aleve                                                    Desitin Cream
Tylenol Tabs                                       Neosporin
Chowing Down at the Dining Hall

Entrée: Asian stir fry
Pasta bar: Buffalo blue chicken penne and cowboy mac and cheese
Express: Chicken tenders and grilled chicken sandwich
Vegetarian: Broccoli tofu stir fry with brown rice
Signature salad: Turkey Waldorf salad

Now, About Those JAG Patches You Ordered
Airing Your Dirty Laundry

The stafflaundry drop-off is near the Base Camp Echo dining facility and is open from 6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. Service is available until Wednesday, July 26. Washed and dried items will be available for pickup after 3 p.m. the day after you leave them.

The Glade Springs resort is handling this task for $10 per bag. Pay at pickup, cash or credit card.
As of Friday morning, the Medical Jamboree Administrative Group patches have not arrived. Distribution will occur when they arrive, meaning you do not have to go to the Pigott Jamboree HQ.
If the patches arrive after you leave, they will be sent to you. If you no longer want patches you ordered, request a refund in a note addressed to 2017Jamboreejag@gmail.com.
Jambo Photo of the Day
Earn a Photo Credit with a Jambo Photo of the Day

Jamboree Medical News is wants your cool Jambo photos to feature as a Jambo Photo of the Day. If you have one to propose, email it to Jamboree Medical News editor Tom Adkinson (tom.adkinson@gmail.com).

Include your name, volunteer job and hometown. Topics range from nature to Jamboree scenes to your fellow Medical Service volunteers at work or play.

Dee Tilley, R.N., photographed this alien-looking visitor that was scoping things out near the Jamboree Health Center.