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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Today's Weather

+ High of 88

+ Rain prospect is zero

+ Overnight low of 71

+ Friday looks much the same, according to Weather Underground.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate . . . and Avoid Problems
Important Events for Today

  • Staff breakfast from 0500-0900
  • Program Medical Facilities open from 0730-1800
  • Garden Ground Mountain -- first program day
  • ​Base Camp Foxtrot Bash at 1900

The order of the day is to drink fluids and to encourage everyone you see – especially Scouts – to do the same.
Heat-related problems, almost all preventable with proper hydration, were present on Scout arrival day, and Jamboree Medical Services should expect that potential to remain, at least until Jamboree participants recognize how much water they should consume.
“On a treatment level, we should take advantage of our cooling tents and help Scouts, leaders and visitors stay hydrated. Of course, administering IV fluids is appropriate when needed, but helping people cool down and drink fluids are the first treatment steps,” said Dr. John Lea, Jamboree Chief Medical Officer.
Jamboree volunteers and participants received safety cards in their ID sleeves on their lanyards. One side is a lightning guide, and the other is a color-coded water intake guide.
“Read those cards – and refer to the Jamboree’s Heat and Hydration Management Plan for more detail as needed – to see how much water you should consume if conditions move from green, to yellow, to red, to black,” Dr. Lea said.
Wednesday was a green day most the day, meaning that the temperature was less than 85 and that everyone should have been consuming ¼ to ½ a quart per hour. However, status changed to yellow in the afternoon, indicating the need for more water consumption. NOTE: Fluids such as soft drinks are not included in this water consumption requirement.
There is a system of Jamboree flags indicating the current hydration color (it can change hour to hour), but how an individual feels and the level of physical activity are the real determining factors.
“Our goal is to help everyone at the Jamboree have a good time. No one should lose out on this opportunity just because of getting dehydrated,” Dr. Lea said.    
Keep Your ID to Yourself!
Don't Broadcast It on Social Media
We want you to tell your social media friends you are volunteering at the 2017 National Jamboree, but posting a photo of your official ID on Instagram or Facebook definitely IS NOT the way to do it.
Why? Among myriad reasons is the inherent security risk of posting any official ID online.
Looking Ahead at the Chat-n-Chew   
If you want dinner at the Chat-n-Chew tomorrow (Friday, July 21), make your reservation at the restaurant today. Suggestion: Stop by at breakfast.

Friday’s main dishes: Lowcountry boil ($15) and filet ($20). Dinner includes salad, sides, dessert and beverage.
Chowing Down at the Dining Hall   
Entrée: Baked potato bar

Pasta bar: Penne carbonara and chicken gnocchi alfredo

Express: Burgers and barbecue chicken flatbreads

Vegetarian: Bean, vegetable and chipotle chili
Signature salad: Chef salad
Clean Clothes at Last!

Are you ready for some clean clothes? The laundry is ready for you.

The drop-off location is near the Base Camp Echo dining facility and is open from 6-9 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. Service is available until Wednesday, July 26. Washed and dried items will be available for pickup after 3 p.m. the day after you leave them.

The Glade Springs resort is handling this task for $10 per bag. Pay at pickup, cash or credit card.
Explorer Holden Sharp visits an incoming Scout at the Base Camp D Medical Facility on arrival day. Sharp is from Post 5 in Winston-Salem, N.C. He turned 16 in June and is among the youngest volunteers in the Jamboree Medical Services.
Submit Your Photos

If you have a nomination for the Jambo Photo of the Day, email it to Jamboree Medical News editor Tom Adkinson (tom.adkinson@gmail.com).

Include your name, volunteer job and hometown. Topics range from nature to Jamboree scenes to your fellow Medical Service volunteers at work or play.
Send Ortho Patients
to the Correct Facility
Ortho patients need to go to the facility that is closest to them. Both the Jamboree Health Facility and the Summit Health Lodge have orthopaedic specialists and X-ray capability.
If you are in the Base Camps C, D, E and F Medical Facilities or at the Thrasher Mountain Medical Facility, send your ortho patients to the Jamboree Health Center.
If you are in the Base Camp A/B Medical Facility, the Summit Center/Adventure Valley Medical Facility or the Stadium Medical Facility, send your ortho patients to the Summit Health Lodge.
Chaplain Available 24/7
​for Christian Science Consults
Special assistance is available to any Jamboree Medical Services volunteer if a patient asks for Christian Science consultation before continuing treatment beyond necessary First Aid.
In that case, contact John Hanson, the chaplain coordinator for Base Camp Alpha. He is available 24/7 at 301-807-2844.