1. How do I order replacement supplies?  Call 304-719-5645 or email

Computers, Printers, and Connectivity
  1. A laptop won't turn on?  Call 304-719-5645 or email
  2. My Printer won't print.  Out of paper or ink? Call 304-719-5645 or email
  3. The desk phone at my Base Camp has no dial tone.  The desk phones have no hard line to connect to; the phones are linked to your facility Jamboree cell phone as a convenience for answering.
  4. One of my computers will not connect to the internet.  Restart the computer and see if the connection returns.  If not, please call 304-719-5645 or email and let them know.
  5. NONE of my computers will not connect to the internet.  Call 304-719-5645 or email  Tell them none of you computers are connected to the network and they expedite reaching out to Medical IT for support.

Other Questions
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